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  1. For the meat and food processing work environments, we have collaborated with some of the technology leaders in the industry to develop the proprietary rubber/plastic composite rain boots.
    a.First in the industry and created from a perfect blend of rubber and plastic materials based on the golden ratio.
    b.Anti-sliding: certified by the Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute and can effectively increase anti-sliding coefficient of friction.
    c.Durable: durable as it does not crack easily even after a long period of time working in a watery and greasy environment.
    d.Replaceable insole: can effectively reduce foot stress after a long period of wear and improve productivity.
  2. We sell and distribute all sorts of rain boots and safety boots from major brands. Please contact us for your needs.
  3. The anti-sliding effects may vary based on work environments and some may not be 100% anti-sliding. Please be extra careful.